DDAL10-00 Ice Road Trackers (Ice Ice Baby)

A trek toward Icewind Dale turns deadly when an avalanche blocks the heroes’ passage through the Spine of the World. Rescued by a menagerie of strange creatures, the heroes are asked to return the favor in exchange for answers about what’s happening in the cold and frozen North.

An introductory adventure comprising four 1-hour episodes.


CCC-BMG-37 HULB03-01 Weakness of Rock

Something stirs in the Hulburg mines. It would be nice to know what, but it would be nicer if it would stop collapsing parts of the mines and leaving catatonic …

DDEX1-6 The Scroll Thief, Online, Tier 1

FULDT BORD   Hej folkens! Jeg DM’er DDEX1-6 The Scroll Thief på vores Discord ved brug af Roll20 Søndag d.25. klokken 19:30-23:00 Det er et Tier 1 modul, så du kan …