Tabellen herunder viser priser for de magic items, der kan unlockes for tiers 3 til 4, angivet i Treasure Points.

Husk at disse items kun kan købes, hvis de bliver låst op for din karakter (fx ved at finde dem i et modul), eller hvis de står på listen med magic items oplåst ved sæsonstart (se under “Sæson 8”).
Husk også at items kun kan købes med treasure points tjent i deres tier eller højere. Så disse items kan ikke købes med treasure points tjent i tier 1 eller 2.

16 Treasure Points 20 Treasure points 24 Treasure Points
Arrow of slaying Adamantine armor (half plate) Apparatus of Kwalish
Potion of healing (supreme) Adamantine armor (plate) Armor of invulnerability
Potion of storm giant strength Amulet of the planes Armor of resistance (half plate)
Sovereign glue Animated shield Armor of resistance (plate)
Spell scroll (8th level) Armor of resistance (breastplate) Armor, +1 half plate
Spell scroll (9th level) Armor of resistance (splint) Armor, +1 plate
Universal solvent Armor of resistance (studded leather) Armor, +1 scale mail
Armor, +1 breastplate Armor, +2 breastplate
Armor, +1 splint Armor, +2 splint
Armor, +1 studded leather Armor, +2 studded leather
Armor, +2 chain mail Armor, +3 chain mail
Armor, +2 chain shirt Armor, +3 chain shirt
Armor, +2 leather Armor, +3 leather
Armor, +2 scale mail Belt of cloud giant strength
Belt of fire giant strength Belt of storm giant strength
Belt of frost giant strength (or stone) Cloak of invisibility
Candle of invocation Crystal ball (legendary version)
Carpet of flying Cubic gate
Cloak of arachnida Deck of many things
Crystal ball (very rare version) Defender
Dancing sword Efreeti chain
Demon armor Hammer of thunderbolts
Dragon scale mail Holy avenger
Dwarven plate Horn of Valhalla (iron)
Dwarven thrower Instrument of the bards (Ollamh harp)
Efreeti bottle Ioun stone (greater absorption)
Figurine of wondrous power (obsidian steed) Ioun stone (mastery)
Frost brand Ioun stone (regeneration)
Helm of brilliance Iron flask
Horn of Valhalla (bronze) Luck blade
Instrument of the bards (Anstruth harp) Magic armor
Ioun stone (absorption) – Armor, +2 half plate
Ioun stone (agility) – Armor, +2 plate
Ioun stone (fortitude) – Armor, +3 studded leather
Ioun stone (insight) – Armor, +3 breastplate
Ioun stone (intellect) – Armor, +3 splint
Ioun stone (leadership) – Armor, +3 half plate
Ioun stone (strength) – Armor, +3 plate
Manual of bodily health Plate armor of etherealness
Manual of gainful exercise Ring of air elemental command
Manual of golems Ring of djinni summoning
Manual of quickness of action Ring of earth elemental command
Mirror of life trapping Ring of fire elemental command
Nine lives stealer Ring of invisibility
Oathbow Ring of spell turning
Ring of regeneration Ring of three wishes
Ring of shooting stars Ring of water elemental command
Ring of telekinesis Robe of the archmagi
Robe of scintillating colors Rod of lordly might
Robe of stars Rod of resurrection
Rod of absorption Scarab of protection
Rod of alertness Sphere of annihilation
Rod of security Staff of the magi
Rod of the pact keeper, +3 Sword of answering
Scimitar of speed Talisman of pure good
Shield, +3 Talisman of the sphere
Spellguard shield Talisman of ultimate evil
Staff of fire Tome of the stilled tongue
Staff of frost Vorpal sword
Staff of power Well of many worlds
Staff of striking
Staff of thunder and lightning
Sword of sharpness
Tome of clear thought
Tome of leadership and influence
Tome of understanding
Wand of polymorph
Wand of the war mage, +3
Weapon, +3