Tabellen herunder viser priser for de magic items, der kan unlockes for tiers 1 til 4, angivet i Treasure Points.

Husk at disse items kun kan købes, hvis de bliver låst op for din karakter (fx ved at finde dem i et modul), eller hvis de står på listen med magic items oplåst ved sæsonstart (se under “Sæson 8”)

8 Treasure points 16 Treasure Points
Alchemy jug Adamantine armor (chain mail)
Ammunition, +1 Adamantine armor (chain shirt)
Ammunition, +2 Adamantine armor (scale mail)
Bag of beans Amulet of proof against detection and location
Bag of holding Bag of tricks (gray)
Bead of force Bag of tricks (rust)
Cap of water breathing Bag of tricks (tan)
Chime of opening Boots of elvenkind
Cloak of the manta ray Boots of striding and springing
Decanter of endless water Boots of the winterlands
Driftglobe Bracers of archery
Driftglobe Brooch of shielding
Dust of disappearance Broom of flying
Dust of dryness Circlet of blasting
Dust of sneezing and choking Cloak of elvenkind
Elemental gem Cloak of protection
Elixir of health Deck of illusions
Eyes of minute seeing Eversmoking bottle
Folding boat Eyes of charming
Goggles of night Eyes of the eagle
Helm of comprehending languages Figurine of wondrous power (silver raven)
Heward’s handy haversack Gauntlets of ogre power
Horseshoes of speed Gem of brightness
Immovable rod Gloves of missile snaring
Keoghtom’s ointment Gloves of swimming and climbing
Lantern of revealing Gloves of thievery
Mariner’s armor Hat of disguise
Mithral armor Headband of intellect
Necklace of fireballs Helm of telepathy
Oil of etherealness Instrument of the bards (Doss lute)
Oil of slipperiness Instrument of the bards (Fochlucan bandore)
Periapt of health Instrument of the bards (Mac-Fuimidh cittern)
Philter of love Javelin of lightning
Potion of animal friendship Medallion of thoughts
Potion of clairvoyance Necklace of adaptation
Potion of climbing Pearl of power
Potion of diminution Periapt of wound closure
Potion of fire breath Pipes of haunting
Potion of fire giant strength Pipes of the sewers
Potion of frost giant strength Quiver of Ehlonna
Potion of gaseous form Ring of jumping
Potion of growth Ring of mind shielding
Potion of healing Ring of warmth
Potion of healing (greater) Ring of water walking
Potion of healing (superior) Rod of the pact keeper, +1
Potion of heroism Sentinel shield
Potion of hill giant strength Shield, +1
Potion of invulnerability Slippers of spider climbing
Potion of mind reading Staff of the adder
Potion of poison Staff of the python
Potion of resistance Stone of good luck (luckstone)
Potion of stone giant strength Sword of vengeance
Potion of water breathing Trident of fish command
Quaal’s feather token Wand of magic missiles
Ring of swimming Wand of the war mage, +1
Robe of useful items Wand of web
Rope of climbing Weapon of warning
Saddle of the cavalier Weapon, +1
Scroll of protection Wind fan
Sending stones Winged boots
Spell scroll (1st level)
Spell scroll (2nd level)
Spell scroll (2nd level)
Spell scroll (3rd level)
Spell scroll (4th level)
Spell scroll (5th level)
Spell scroll (cantrip)
Wand of magic detection
Wand of secrets