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ddal07-17 Cauldron of Sapphire

11. november 2019 @ 19:00 - 23:30 CET

The mad lich Acererak thought to bring an atropal to
power under his control, but his plans were
thwarted by cunning adventurers. In the aftermath
pieces of the atropal were spread far and wide. Now
they are finding their way back to Chult to be used in
another sinister plot.
Deep in the depths of the Fathomless Rift north of
Chult a piece of the atropal makes its way to Toril
under the auspices of otherworldly beings. Older
than time itself, these beings are called obyrith. This
particularhis obyrith is Dagon, Prince of the
Darkened Depths. From his slimy throne in the
Shadowsea (a level of the Abyss) this hoarder of
secrets guides his minions to bring true chaos to the
Forgotten Realms.
To undermine the gods and the other demon lords
Dagon seeks to bring the end to the world by
ushering in Dendar the Night Serpent. In addition,
there are things that even Dagon does not know, and
some secrets of creation used by Ubtao are held
deep in the Cauldron of Sapphire.
While the lich Rhaugilath holds no love for the
mortals of Faerûn he wants to “live” or at least
continue to exist. As such Dagon’s plans for the
atropal essence is at odds with the lich’s desire to be
free of his imprisonment from the arch-lich Larloc


11. november 2019
19:00 - 23:30
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