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ddal 00-03 Those That Came Before tier4

28. maj 2019 @ 18:00 - 22:00 CEST

For nearly all of known history, the library-fortress
of Candlekeep has stood a silent vigil atop the bluffs
of the Sword Coast. Secreted within its walls are
tomes of valor and loyalty, but also vile records of
dark magic and shameful secrets. The Great Readers
– the highest-ranking members of the church of
Oghma, the deity of knowledge – are tasked with
recording events as they unfold. While they do not
pass judgment upon these events, they are free to
call for deeper investigation if they so desire. In rare
circumstances they may do so, especially when “an
event” is recorded; this occurs when more than one
Great Reader records an event at the same time as
another… and now all twelve of them have recorded
a single event.
The Great Readers have all witnessed the
destruction of every modern major city along the
Sword Coast; they saw great, hovering citadels float
gently in the breeze and then come crashing down
on the helpless populace beneath. The only warning
they could glean was a preponderance of worms and
debris showering down from these flying fortresses
– fortresses that have not been seen in the air since
the destruction of the Netherese Empire nearly
2,000 years ago.


28. maj 2019
18:00 - 22:00
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David Gerner-Knudsen

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