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CCC-DES-01-02 A Sanity Never Questioned

20 januar 2020 @ 19:00 - 23:30 CET

Faerun, a continent on the planet Toril, is a magical
place. Upon it, great nations and peoples of all races
live, fight, love, and die. However, what is seen isn’t
all there is. Faerun exists on the Prime Material Plane,
what the people of Toril call “reality.” Other levels of
existence exist in the same spaces, no less “real,” with
only a shift of consciousness needed to be
experienced. The Feywild is one of these planes, the
primeval reflection of the Prime Material Plane. In
the Feywild, magic is abundant. Unlike on the Prime
Material Plane where you can trust what you sense
and words lie, in the Feywild you can’t trust your
senses but words and oaths carry metaphysical
The mercurial fey, beings native to the Feywild, have
long been connected with the seasons. Some say as
long as there have been seasons, there have been fey.
The fey associated with the Spring and Summer are
called the Seelie, ruling from the Shining Court. Fey
associated with the warmer seasons of growing
things idealize beauty, kindness, warmth, love, and
chivalry. The leadership of the Shining Court
embodies these ideals, from Queen Titania and her
consort Oberon, along lines of fealty to local powers.
The stark opposite of the Seelie are called the
Unseelie, ruled from the Gloaming Court. The
Unseelie govern the seasons of Autumn and Winter.
They celebrate the darker concepts of death, decay,
malice, and cold. Leadership of the Gloaming Court
changes regularly, as the court is rife with intrigue
and assassination.


20 januar 2020
19:00 - 23:30
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David Gerner-Knudsen

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