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DDHC-TYP Dead in Thay – Tier 2 (Session 8)

5 januar 2020 @ 18:30 - 23:30 CET

I offer you an opportunity to take the fight to the lich lord. I offer you the chance to help me see to it that Szass Tam’s power is broken. The Phylactery Vault is where you can make that happen.

This is the the arcane messege you receive from someone calling herself Syranna. She claims to be a red wizard and the leader of the Thayan Resurrection, and she has a plan that requires your help.

In the heart of Thay, deep beneath Thaymount itself, lies a massive dungeon called The Doomvault. This vast, active, underground complex of laboratories and menageries is dedicated to creating the monstrous armies with which the Red Wizards plan to conquer first the North, then all of Faerûn.

Even more important than this is the Phylactery Vault. A hidden level that connects to the Greater Doomvault and which contains the Phylacteries of many of Szass Tam’s high-ranking lich servants.

Syranna has found a way to access the Doomvault through something called the Bloodgate Nexus. She has devised a way to use it against Szass Tam and have reached out to the adventurers to help her.

Are you brave enough to accept the call for help and travel to the heart of Thay to fight through a heavily secured dungeon filled with the monsters of the armies of the red wizards.

This adventure takes place in the Doomvault. It is a tier 2 adventure, designed for 9th-level characters. By the end of the story, they are likely to advance to 11th level or perhaps higher … if they don’t end up dead in Thay.

DM: Kasper Knutzen (KKnutzen)

Nick Colin Corfixsen
Casper Nielsen
Lasse Wensien
Michael Keis
Henrik Krøjmand

Vi fortsætter vores dungeon dive i Doomvault…

Hvis nogen skulle blive forhinderede i at komme, så kontakt mig over discord eller facebook i så god tid som muligt.


5 januar 2020
18:30 - 23:30
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Kasper Jacobi Knutzen

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