Herunder finder du en liste over den common magic items som er tilladte i sæson 9 i forbindelse med karakter-skabelse (Se appendix 2 i AL Players Guide v9.0). Husk, at common magic items ikke tæller mod din magic item limit:

Bead of Nourishment
This spongy, flavorless, gelatinous bead dissolves on your tongue and provides as much nourishment as 1 day of rations.

Bead of Refreshment
This spongy, flavorless, gelatinous bead dissolves in liquid, transforming up to a pint of the liquid into fresh, cold drinking water. The bead has no effect on magical liquids or harmful substances such as poison.

Boots of False Tracks
Only humanoids can wear these boots. While wearing the boots, you can choose to have them leave tracks like those of another kind of humanoid of your size.

Candle of the Deep
The flame of this candle is not extinguished when immersed in water. It gives off light and heat like a normal candle.

Charlatan’s Die (Requires Attunement)
Whenever you roll this six-sided die, you can control which number it rolls.

Cloak of Billowing
While wearing this cloak, you can use a bonus action to make it billow dramatically.

Cloak of Many Fashions
While wearing this cloak, you can use a bonus action to change the style, color, and apparent quality of the garment. The cloak’s weight doesn’t change. Regardless of its appearance, the cloak can’t be anything but a cloak. Although it can duplicate the appearance of other magic cloaks, it doesn’t gain their magical properties.

Clothes of Mending
This elegant outfit of traveler’s clothes magically mends itself to counteract daily wear and tear. Pieces of the outfit that are destroyed can’t be repaired in this way.

Dread Helm
This fearsome steel helm makes your eyes glow red while you wear it.

Ear Horn of Hearing
While held up to your ear, this horn suppresses the effects of the deafened condition on you, allowing you to hear normally.

Enduring Spellbook
This spellbook, along with anything written on its pages, can’t be damaged by fire or immersion in water. In addition, the spellbook doesn’t deteriorate with age.

Ersatz Eye (Requires Attunement)
This artificial eye replaces a real one that was lost or removed. While the ersatz eye is embedded in your eye socket, it can’t be removed by anyone other than you, and you can see through the tiny orb as though it were a normal eye.

Hat of Vermin
This hat has 3 charges. While holding the hat, you can use an action to expend 1 of its charges and speak a command word that summons your choice of a bat, a frog, or a rat (see the Player’s Handbook or the Monster Manual for statistics). The summoned creature magically appears in the hat and tries to get away from you as quickly as possible. The creature is neither friendly nor hostile, and it isn’t under your control. It behaves as an ordinary creature of its kind and disappears after 1 hour or when it drops to 0 hit points. The hat regains all expended charges daily at dawn.

Heward’s Handy Spice Pouch
This belt pouch appears empty and has 10 charges. While holding the pouch, you can use an action to expend 1 of its charges, speak the name of any nonmagical food seasoning (such as salt, pepper, saffron, or cilantro), and remove a pinch of the desired seasoning from the pouch. A pinch is enough to season a single meal. The pouch regains 1d6 + 4 expended charges daily at dawn.

Horn of Silent Alarm
This horn has 4 charges. When you use an action to blow it, one creature of your choice can hear the horn’s blare, provided the creature is within 600 feet of the horn and not deafened. No other creature hears sound coming from the horn. The horn regains 1d4 expended charges daily at dawn.

Instrument of Illusions (Requires Attunement)
While you are playing this musical instrument, you can create harmless, illusory visual effects within a 5-foot-radius sphere centered on the instrument. If you are a bard, the radius increases to 15 feet. Sample visual effects include luminous musical notes, a spectral dancer, butterflies, and gently falling snow. The magical effects have neither substance nor sound, and they are obviously illusory. The effects end when you stop playing.

Instrument of Scribing (Requires Attunement)
This musical instrument has 3 charges. While you are playing it, you can use an action to expend 1 charge from the instrument and write a magical message on a nonmagical object or surface that you can see within 30 feet of you. The message can be up to six words long and is written in a language you know. If you are a bard, you can scribe an additional seven words and choose to make the message glow faintly, allowing it to be seen in nonmagical darkness. Casting dispel magic on the message erases it. Otherwise, the message fades away after 24 hours. The instrument regains all expended charges daily at dawn.

Lock of Trickery
This lock appears to be an ordinary lock (of the type described in chapter 5 of the Player’s Handbook) and comes with a single key. The tumblers in this lock magically adjust to thwart burglars. Dexterity checks made to pick the lock have disadvantage.

Mystery Key
A question mark is worked into the head of this key. The key has a 5 percent chance of unlocking any lock into which it’s inserted. Once it unlocks something, the key disappears.

Orb of Direction
While holding this orb, you can use an action to determine which way is north. This property functions only on the Material Plane.

Orb of Time
While holding this orb, you can use an action to determine whether it is morning, afternoon, evening, or nighttime outside. This property functions only on the Material Plane.

Perfume of Bewitching
This tiny vial contains magic perfume, enough for one use. You can use an action to apply the perfume to yourself, and its effect lasts 1 hour. For the duration, you have advantage on all Charisma checks directed at humanoids of challenge rating 1 or lower. Those subjected to the perfume’s effect are not aware that they’ve been influenced by magic.

Pipe of Smoke Monsters
While smoking this pipe, you can use an action to exhale a puff of smoke that takes the form of a single creature, such as a dragon, a flumph, or a froghemoth. The form must be small enough to fit in a 1-foot cube and loses its shape after a few seconds, becoming an ordinary puff of smoke.

Pole of Angling
While holding this 10-foot pole, you can speak a command word and transform it into a fishing pole with a hook, a line, and a reel. Speaking the command word again changes the fishing pole back into a normal 10-foot pole.

Pole of Collapsing
While holding this 10-foot pole, you can use an action to speak a command word and cause it to collapse into a 1-foot-long rod, for ease of storage. The pole’s weight doesn’t change. You can use an action to speak a different command word and cause the rod to revert to a pole; however, the rod will elongate only as far as the surrounding space allows.

Pot of Awakening
If you plant an ordinary shrub in this 10-pound clay pot and let it grow for 30 days, the shrub magically transforms into an awakened shrub (see the Monster Manual for statistics) at the end of that time. When the shrub awakens, its roots break the pot, destroying it. The awakened shrub is friendly toward you. Absent commands from you, it does nothing.

Rope of Mending
You can cut this 50-foot coil of hempen rope into any number of smaller pieces, and then use an action to speak a command word and cause the pieces to knit back together. The pieces must be in contact with each other and not otherwise in use. A rope of mending is forever shortened if a section of it is lost or destroyed.

Talking Doll (Requires Attunement)
While this stuffed doll is within 5 feet of you, you can spend a short rest telling it to say up to six phrases, none of which can be more than six words long, and set a condition under which the doll speaks each phrase. You can also replace old phrases with new ones. Whatever the condition, it must occur within 5 feet of the doll to make it speak. For example, whenever someone picks up the doll, it might say, “I want a piece of candy.” The doll’s phrases are lost when your attunement to the doll ends.

Tankard of Sobriety
This tankard has a stern face sculpted into one side. You can drink ale, wine, or any other nonmagical alcoholic beverage poured into it without becoming inebriated. The tankard has no effect on magical liquids or harmful substances such as poison.

Veteran’s Cane
When you grasp this walking cane and use a bonus action to speak the command word, it transforms into an ordinary longsword and ceases to be magical.